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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Underage Prostitutes Rescued In Peru

Peruvian police have rescued 244 women, including 10 underage girls, who were being forced to work as prostitutes in a remote gold mining camp.

During one of the raids last weekend, authorities found a 13-year-old girl, according to Peruvian Security Assistant Secretary Luis Alberto Otarola.

“I personally witnessed the situation she was in,” he said. “They are all forced into cruel practices of sexual exploitation.”

Four men were arrested and face charges of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Trucks with contraband were also seized in the raid, officials said.

Prostitution is legal for women over the age of 18 in Peru. Authorities are investigating whether more than 10 girls were underage among the hundreds they found Friday because several might have initially lied to police and said they were older. All the women and girls are now at shelters.



Anonymous said...

rescued? what if they liked it? dont they have a right to be with who they love? just like the gays? funny how one perverted practice never sticks up for the other.

Alex said...

They are minor you moron

thomas augustus littleton said...

I know some Peruvians here. They are some of the nastiest, most stupid "people" I've ever seen. There are an estimated 500,000 illegal Peruvians in the Untied States. If you know of any, report them immediately and start the deportation process

Anonymous said...

Peruvian perverts!

Anonymous said...

1:55 - very uncalled for

Your comment makes it clear that you are not an educated person.
Not all Peruvians are like that...........unfortunately stuff like this happens all over the world.

You should really educate yourself about other cultures in the world before you get on a blog and post a nasty comment.

thomas augustus littleton said...


All the Peruvians I know live in Greenwood Delaware. They are nasty, stupid savages, period. Any illegal Peruvians should be rounded up, branded like the beasts they are and deported immediately. You have a problem with deporting aliens who are here illegally? Maybe you are the enemy, as well!

Anonymous said...


I happen to be married to a wonderful Peruvian woman. I have been to the country and know many Peruvians that do not fit your description. All the Peruvians I know came here legally and are doing very well for themselves.
Now I also keep in mind that there are many people with different levels of education and culture in every country in the world. Saying all Peruvians are " stupid" and " illegals" is just crazy. Don't stereotype!
Btw, when I met her in college she was living in the country legally.
I support the security of our borders and I also support LEGAL immigration.
I have met nasty, stupid people in my time I DON'T come out come out and say everyone from the Eastern Shore is
a nasty racist hick!

thomas augustus littleton said...

The Peruvians I know on duck creek lane in Greenwood are nasty savages.

Anonymous said...

Wow, its hard to believe there are still ignorant people such as yourself. No wonder the world is in the state its in. I'am of peruvian decent, my brother is a sargeant in the US army and is fighting in this war so people such as yourself have the right to spew all that hatred. I hope god enlightens you someday. I cant imagine living my life with such hate in me. Good luck sir