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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Democrats Admit O’Malley Map Has Partisan Re-Draw As Its Objective

ANNAPOLIS – Yesterday, in a Baltimore Sun story about the bipartisan opposition to Martin O’Malley’s gerrymandered and unfair congressional redistricting map, a leading Maryland Democrat, Del. Derek Davis, responded to criticism by saying that Democrats should keep their eye on the larger picture, “electing more progressive voices to the U.S. House of Representatives.”

“The truth is now out in the open,” said MDGOP Chairman Alex Mooney.  “This congressional redistricting process has been all arranged around eliminating one individual and helping one party pick up a seat in Congress, rather than what is in the best interests of all Marylanders.”

In the past few days, many leading Democrats have joined with the Maryland Republican Party in objecting to the blatantly partisan goals of this map.

"Congresswoman Donna Edwards and I do not agree on many things, but on this issue, she is absolutely correct - this map is extremely problematic from a voting rights perspective and does not protect minority representation,” Mooney continued.  "In addition, Governor O'Malley's map creates several unwieldy districts that unnecessarily cut up counties and do not respect regional integrity.”
"Maryland citizens deserve a non-partisan map that does not unnecessarily divide regions of the state and that respects the rights of minority groups," Mooney concluded.  "We are proud to join with African-American and Hispanic leaders in Maryland to stand up for fairness in redistricting."

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