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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Another skeptic turned believer. Karl Denninger’s immediate reaction to OWS was doubt. He doubted their agenda. He doubted their staying power. He doubted their purpose.

Now he believes this movement is for real and growing by the day. He’s right. He changed his mind based upon the proof he was able to observe. There will always be the closed minded, living in their ideological fantasy worlds that refuse to accept the facts. The world is passing them by. Their myopic blind spot only allows them to think in a linear fashion. They will be overwhelmed by what is coming their way.

I have the utmost respect for people willing to admit their initial judgement was wrong. It is proof of an open mind willing to change when presented with facts. Karl writes an excellent piece and his warnings about revolutions should be heeded. We have a better chance of getting a Hitler than we do of another George Washington. Fourth Turnings don’t always have happy endings.

OWS: The Risks Facing America Today

I was skeptical that the protests were serious.
I suspected they were yet another “demonstration” – the sort where people come, they wave signs, they complain, maybe even they riot a bit, and then they leave.
In 2008, in fact, on August 26th of that year, I said the following:
In short, once again, fraud.  Legal, but fraud nonetheless.  You, America, seem to think this is just great as your grocery and gas budgets get squeezed. 
You must think its great for your budget and lifestyle to get reamed, since I’ve yet to see a groundswell of people in Washington DC protesting or our city streets swarming with people who refuse to leave and shut down commerce.
And I amplified the point with:
Let me know when y’all get mad enough to do something about all this nonsense….. (funny how during the Democratic Convention last night the buzz was all about the second round of sore loserman with Hillary delegates rather than the outright theft and fraud from the people that the party supposedly claims to be most-closely aligned with!)
I guess that time has arrived.
Even CNBC has been effectively forced to recognize that this is not just a bunch of Soros-funded hippies.  Oh sure, they’re there; so is the SEIU, so are the other “usual suspects.”  And why not – they’re always “there” when there’s a good flag to be waved and a movement to try to co-opt, exactly as was the Tea Party, exactly as was “9/12″, exactly as were the Tax Day protests (two of which I have spoken at locally.)
But then they went home.  The streets were empty, the signs and people gone.

This time it’s different.


Anonymous said...

Shhh. People around here KNOW it's just a bunch of college kids, hippies, druggies, homeless, paid protesters, etc. et al.

These people just don't want to work and expect everything to be handed to them, right guys? Guys?

Anonymous said...

I've just read some statement pages of the OWS movement.I urge that you google "occupy wall street" and spend a few minutes to see what this movement is all about.Some of their views are viable concerns, and some are not.Holding students hostage for their student loans,corporations placing profit over people, too much outsourcing of labor are some concerns I can't get behind. Don't sign up for a student loan,start your own corporation and put people above profit,and keep all labor in-house regardless of profit in your business would be my advise.Don't ask me to change how I do business,start your own business and change the world on your own. The world will be a better place if you practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dreamer.

Anonymous said...

4:38 PM

Pretty obvious to me you don't have a business nor do you know how to run one by your simplistic ADVICE.

You don't want anyone to tell you to change how you do business, (lol) but at the same time you want them to change their protest.

Can't have it both ways slick.

Anonymous said...

5:25 I've owned a successful business for the last 16 years. You may be missing my message.I'm not asking anyone to change their protest. The advise is simplistic; if you signed a contract for a student loan, don't expect someone else to pay for it. If you want corporations to do business without regard to profit, start by doing it yourselfand see how it works for you.I respect opinions of others even if I don't agree with them. I can and do have it both ways,slick.