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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Byron York: Key House Republican on Pelosi impeachment pullback: 'I don't buy it.'

Rep. Kevin Brady is the ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee. As chairman in 2017, he pushed through the tax cuts that remain President Trump's top legislative achievement. Now, he's dealing with the role that Ways and Means might play in a possible Trump impeachment. (It is the only House committee that is permitted by law to demand the president's tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service, and Democrats are currently taking steps to do just that.)

Brady and I discussed the committee's role in the Trump investigations in a conversation for a new podcast Tuesday morning, but we started off with the news that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come out (mostly) against impeachment. Pelosi told the Washington Post that impeachment is simply too divisive for the country, unless there are grounds that are "so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan" that impeachment is justified.

Brady doesn't believe her. "Respectfully, I don't buy it," he said. The reason, he explained, is not that he doubts Pelosi's sentiments. It is that he doubts her ability to impose her will on House Democrats.


"Come to think of it, we haven't heard Auntie Max screaming about impeachment lately." 


Anonymous said...

I don't either

Anonymous said...

The likes of AOC et al in the party are like bratty little kids who are undisciplined and stomp their feet when told no. Disrespectful and don't know when to shut up.

Anonymous said...

It's another diversion. Stay alert.

Anonymous said...

9:31, exactly right!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Brady needs to go back and take care of Obama who never proved US citizenship to this day!

Anonymous said...

When you're playing poker, you have to learn other players' "tells", the mannerisms and expressions that might give a hint of the worth of their card hand. For the Democrats, the tell is that they're Democrats.