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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Reported barricaded subject with firearm in Princess Anne

On 3/12/2019 at approximately 1648hrs Troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack received a 911 call from the complainant Maggie Jo Hobbs. Hobbs reported that her ex-boyfriend barricaded himself and their 6 month old child in his residence with a firearm. Hobbs advised she and her boyfriend Darryl Birkett had been arguing for most of the day, when at a point during the argument he took custody of the child, walked in the bedroom and advised he had access to shotgun. At that time Hobbs ran from the residence, called 911 in a frantic manner stating that Birkett was assaulting her, and threatened to kill himself and the child stating it was “going to be me or you”. At that time late shift units from the Princess Anne Barrack as well as Natural Resource Police, and Somerset County Sheriff Office Deputies expedited to the residence where Birkhead was alleged to be barricaded. After a brief period, positive verbal contact was made with the Birkett where he surrendered himself and was taken into custody without further incident. The 6 month old child was unharmed and given to the custody of Ms. Hobbs. Further investigation and interview revealed Hobbs’ initial facts provided on the recorded 911 line did not coincide with the statements she made in person to Troopers on scene. Investigation determined that no assault occurred and though the male party had access to a shotgun, he never retrieved it, or threatened to use it on her or the child in any manner. A totality of the facts ultimately resulted in the male party being emergency petitioned to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for statements he admitted to making. Sgt Pruitt from the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division responded to the Barrack and conducted interviews on the male and female party. Sgt. Pruitt determined that no crime had occurred between the two parties, and no charges would be filed, however the investigation is ongoing. It would be noted, Princess Anne Barrack command staff was notified and responded. Furthermore STATE Team personnel were contacted however prior to mobilizing they were advised they did not need to respond.


Anonymous said...

So she isn't being charged for making up a story that resulted in multiple agencies responding to a false complaint? Too much paperwork I guess.

Anonymous said...

It’s not as simple as you make it sound. Jay Burkett is a dangerous individual, ask any of his previous girlfriends especially those he has fathered a child with( at least 3 that are known) and they will tell you of the abuse, both physical and psychological, the threats. He must control every aspect of your life and limit your contact with others. When he can’t control you he beats you and then tells you it’s your fault that he did it and he’s sorry. We have seen the escalation of his anger and there is no doubt that he will kill someone if he doesn’t receive help. He has told her in past situations not to tell on him or else. What would you do, really think about your answer and try to imagine yourself in that situation

Anonymous said...

she should be arrested and charged for making false statements to 911 operators.too many spouses abuse the system this way.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lewis was headed for the MRAP when he realized he could not go on his own to Princess Anne. He forgot he does not have a SWAT Team any longer to protect him. I wish he would share with the public why disbanded his tactical unit. So if this happened in Sharptown I guess the city or state would have to respond.What in the hell is he thinking. I guess the the brass could suit up and go. I am sorry just spit my drink out laughing. Bad call little man. Pride can kill you.