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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Democrats to hold 2020 convention in Milwaukee

Democrats have chosen a key battleground state to hold their 2020 national convention, where they will select a nominee to challenge President Trump.

The Democratic National Committee announced Milwaukee will host the July 13-16, 2020, convention. It's the first time the party has held a national convention in the Midwest outside of Chicago since 1916.

Holding the convention in Wisconsin is significant for Democrats after 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton declined to campaign in the state during the general election. Clinton narrowly lost the state to Trump, which along with small vote deficits in Pennsylvania and Michigan, decided the election in his favor.

"After a decade of Republican attacks on working people, labor unions, and communities of color, Democrats saw some of their biggest and most historic gains last year in Wisconsin with the election of Governor Tony Evers, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, and Attorney General Josh Kaul, and the reelection of Senator Tammy Baldwin. Today’s announcement signals that the party is doubling down on its winning strategy in this critical battleground state," the DNC said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

They are afraid of Chicago the city that dummycrats ruined.

Anonymous said...

Land of the Muslims?

Anonymous said...

This is the Democrats recovering from their ooops moment when Hillary thumbed her nose at WI in 2016 and by not paying attention to the midwest. They have a shot now that Muslims have infiltrated WI, MN, and MI.

Anonymous said...

Biggest muslim state ever, why would they not hold the DUMBOcrat convention there?