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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tanzanian Refugees Arrested for Gang Rape of 18-Year-Old Idaho Woman!

Three men and a teenage boy were arrested for a gang rape in Kuna, Idaho.

The men face life in prison if convicted.

Iyombelo, Rashidi and Lupango are each refugees from Tanzania.

KTVB reported:

Three men and a teenage boy are in custody after police say they sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman earlier this month.

Elias Lupango, 19, Rashidi Mulanga, 18 and Swedi Iyombelo, 18, all of Boise, were arrested on felony rape charges and booked into the Ada County Jail Thursday. The juvenile suspect, a 16-year-old boy whose name has not been released, was arrested Friday morning, and is held in Ada County’s Juvenile Detention facility.

Kuna Police began investigating the case Feb. 8. The victim told investigators that she had been with Iyolmbelo, who she had met recently, in a car in a Kuna neighborhood when he began to sexually assault her.

A short time later, she said, the other three suspects showed up, and also sexually assaulted her in the car.

Detectives investigated the case and conducted interviews, ultimately developing enough evidence to get arrest warrants for Lupango, Mulanga, Iyombelo, and the 16-year-old.



Anonymous said...

You can't continue to allow these animals to get away with this behavior. It's time for some vigilante justice

Anonymous said...

Any woman with half a brain wouldn't get in a car with scumbags with names like that. I can only conclude she must be a scumbag herself.

Anonymous said...

They can get away with such an act where they come from so bring them here and they act no different. That's why we cannot let just anyone into our country.

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Iagree with 4:27. If you sleep with dogs you will get fleas.