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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Parking Fines Up, Revenue Down Slightly In Resort; Resort Officials Review New ‘Pay-By-Plate’ System

OCEAN CITY — Resort transportation officials this week reviewed the first year of the town’s new “pay-by-plate” parking system, which revealed revenue was generally down across the board although some areas did better than others.

Prior to the start of the last summer season, Ocean City transitioned from the old pay-and-display system to a new pay-by-plate system.

Under the old system, visitors and residents would pay at kiosks at the Inlet lot, the various municipal lots around town and in certain areas on public streets and display the receipts on their dashboards. Last year, however, the Mayor and Council approved the new system in all areas where paid parking was available. Residents and visitors pay for a certain amount of time at the new kiosks and the payment amount and time allotted are assigned to the vehicle’s license plate.



Anonymous said...

As a very senior citizen, i tried the new system last year and decided OC was off my list of places to visit. Was just to much of a hassle.

Anonymous said...

So, paying an employee to collect parking fees amounts to more money that their new high tech method? Then why did they lay those employees off and buy the technology?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you lay off part time , seasonal employees?

Anonymous said...

Rickie and Co just have no clue whatsoever and it shows. GREED is part of their OC daily summertime Creed!