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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Britain and America Sign Deal on Post-Brexit Trade, Plan Huge Free Trade Agreement

The United Kingdom and the United States have signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement to ensure British-American trade continues seamlessly after Brexit, undercutting EU loyalists who claimed it would be damaged.

The United Kingdom trades with the United States, its largest single trade partner and number one source of inward investment, largely on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms — a so-called “No Deal” situation — as the European Union has failed to strike a bilateral agreement.

This WTO-based relationship is supplemented by a number of mini-agreements on things like regulatory standards, however, which Remainers had hitherto used to claim Brexit would deal a blow to British-American commerce.



Anonymous said...

**Yes** trade. Yes ! Merge to One new State (New Londinium DC?) ! Next ! Yes. Get rid of NWO puppet master !s

Anonymous said...

Bring back those sour cherry hard candies in the roll and that steak & mushroom pie in a tin.