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Saturday, February 16, 2019

McConnell Backed Emergency Declaration to Prevent Trump Veto of Flawed Border Security Bill

The GOP Majority Leader in the Senate persuaded President Donald Trump to not veto the GOP’s flawed border security bill by promising to back a national emergency construction of border walls, according to insider leaks to the establishment media.

The Washington Post reported that “Trump had been leaning against supporting the congressional spending bill but relented after several conversations with [Majority Leader Sen. Mitch] McConnell, who then announced his agreement to go along with an emergency declaration.”

One reason for Trump’s last-minute opposition is that congressional leaders conducted the negotiations without significant White House involvement. “The legislation was released just before midnight Wednesday, giving lawmakers and the White House very little time to review it before voting,” said the Post. “Lawmakers defended the rushed timeline because of the impending shutdown deadline.”

That closed process allowed pro-migration Democrats to include a wide variety of pro-migration policies and to give Texas Democrats a veto over wall construction until October 2019. The Democratic wins over passive GOP negotiators prompted a veto threat from Trump, which was averted when McConnell promise to support the controversial emergency declaration that he had earlier rejected.

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby led the GOP negotiation effort and signed off on the various flaws in the bill.

Those flaws create a potentially giant amnesty for all illegals who agree to “sponsor” a teenager or child trafficked from Mexico. The plan creates a huge incentive for the growing number of Central American migrants in the United States to hire cartel-linked traffickers to deliver more children from Central America to U.S. border agencies. The loophole is so huge that it provides a legal shield against deportation to resident illegals who are “a sponsor, a potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor.”

NumbersUSA reported that Shelby and other GOP negotiators hid the traffickers’ amnesty from the President until the last moment.

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Anonymous said...

Just another show of "NO BALLS" McConnell and Republicans to do what is right.

Anonymous said...

No more tax dollars from working legal Americans to pay for illegals. Period.