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Saturday, February 16, 2019

High Court Asked To Hear OC Boardwalk Property Case

OCEAN CITY — Unwilling to let go of a fight asserting ownership of the iconic Dumser’s property on the east side of the Boardwalk, Ocean City officials this week filed an appeal to have the case heard by the state’s highest court.

Ocean City this week filed a petition for writ of certiorari with the Court of Appeals, essentially asking the state’s highest court to take up the case in which it had been defeated twice by the Court of Special Appeals. In late December, the Court of Special Appeals issued an opinion asserting the town of Ocean City had not presented sufficient evidence to prove ownership of the iconic building on the east side of the Boardwalk at South Division Street, which, for decades has been home to Dumser’s Dairyland.

The town quickly exercised its next possible remedy in the case with the filing of a motion for reconsideration of the Court of Special Appeals. However, moving in unusually quick fashion, the Court of Special Appeals denied the town’s motion for reconsideration, leaving the last resort for the town a request to ask the higher Court of Appeals take up the case.



Anonymous said...

Get over it, OC!

Anonymous said...

The mayor and city council knew the lease was ending and they should have reached an agreement with the owners before all this started. I don't see how anyone in this town will benefit from the landmark building and its landmark tenant being forcefully removed, not to mention the huge legal fees being spent. The mayor and council are coming across as failed negotiators who resorted to bullying. It should have been worked out long ago, to the benefit of all involved.

Anonymous said...

OC is used to being in control and don't intend to accept the courts decision. I hope OC is defeated in this appeal case.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all !
Retired Judge Cathell has egg on his face since he lost locally and at the
Court of Special Appeals.
He will be calling in all his I Owe You cards from the Court of Appeals justices
Judge Sally Adkins will be his voice in Annapolis in this case
Good luck Nathan heirs and Don !

Anonymous said...

Not surprised with Guy Ayers in charge of this his last case for OC