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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Louis DeBroux: Anti-Trump Press Spins Bigger Paychecks as a Bad Thing

Tax refunds may be smaller, but that's because we paid less in taxes all year.

A recent Washington Post headline perfectly captures the length the media and Democrats (but we repeat ourselves) will go to spin, distort, and lie in order to deny any positive coverage to President Donald Trump and Republicans.

The headline reads “Millions of Americans could be stunned as their tax refunds shrink,” which on its face seems a pretty damning indictment of President Trump’s signature legislative achievement of his first two years. After all, Trump and congressional Republicans touted tax reform as a huge victory for the American people, yet now we are learn millions of Americans are receiving lower tax refunds than expected? Have Republicans pulled a fast one on the American people and lied about the benefits of the tax cuts?


The Post, having done a masterful job of burying the lede, eventually gets to the truth … in paragraph 13. After noting the average tax refund is down 8% from last year (about $170) and quoting American workers angry and frustrated at smaller tax refunds (for which they blame Republicans), the Post finally drops this little nugget of truth:


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Anonymous said...

Don't buy the refund story-its just another lie by the MSM. People are falling for it.