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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jussie Smollett Assault: Oh, So The Suspects Aren't White, MAGA-Hat Wearing Racists

UPDATE: And now those two Nigerian persons of interest are now suspects (viaAssociated Press):

Chicago Police say the two men being questioned in the attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett are considered suspects.

Department spokesman Anthony Guglielimi said Friday that the men are in custody and have been arrested based on probable cause that they may have been involved in a crime. But he says they have not been charged in the Jan. 29 attack.

Police have identified the men only as two Nigerian brothers.

ABC News added that the two men "have a relationship with Jussie."



Anonymous said...

Should be jailed on a fake hate crime tired of people blaming trump how about looking at what your last joke of a president did and one before him if i was trump id file defamation on all these celebretries

Anonymous said...

His story rang extremely untrue the moment I heard it on the news.
Why? Simply because of the comments Smollett said were yelled at him during the attack.
"You're in MAGA country!"
Who the hell would say that?
This type of comment is what Smollett THINKS a white supremicist would say.
Anyone remember the Army doctor that killed his wife back in the sixties, blaming it on an attack by a bunch of hippies yelling, "Acid is groovy!".
No one ever said that or spoke that way in the 60's. It was what an Army lifer THINKS that a hippy would say.
He was convicted.
Smollett, if found guilty of filing a bogus crime report, should be charged with a Federal hate crime. That is all that it is, plain and simple.