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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Brian Mark Weber: No, Voter ID Laws Do Not Suppress Voting

Yet another study concludes that the leftist/media narrative has it all wrong.

Need to cash a check, board an airplane, or pick up a few beers for the weekend? Better bring along your ID. Need to vote in a presidential election? No worries. Heck, you can just pretend to be someone else. Even a dead person.

The good news is that more states are starting to jump on board with voter ID laws, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. But currently only seven states require a photo ID. Three states require identification without a photo. Another 25 states “request” an ID, but allow voters to cast a provisional ballot if they can’t provide one.

In other words, there’s inconsistency across the board when it comes to verifying the identity of voters. If nothing else, these new laws will make it easier to see just how pervasive the problem is.


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Anonymous said...

The idea is to eliminate the problem. Dems say that there isn't a problem, but when 15,000 dead people vote in one jurisdiction and 20,000 double vote in another jurisdiction and it happens all over the nation (which it surely does), it's a problem.