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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Michelle Malkin Has A Message For The ‘Tax-Subsidized NFL Militants’

Liberals are suddenly alllllllllll about free speech. (Have I mentioned that they’re trying to cancel free speech week at Berkeley?)

Ignorant NFL players are kneeling to protest 1.) Supposed inequality 2.) Police brutality and 3.) President Trump’s words.

I don’t disagree with Trump’s description. If you’re disrespecting our men and women who serve this country, you’re an ungrateful SOB. Their sacrifices allow players to chase their dreams and make millions doing what they love. Stand up and show some respect.

ANYWAY. Michelle Malkin has a message for the “tax-subsidized NFL militants.”



Anonymous said...

The players truly don't have a clue what they are kneeling for and that's whats really sad! However, this is the USA and we'll keep feeding the entertainment industry!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good but you have to remember what you are dealing with. These are the lowest of the low. Slop. They never morphed into civilized decent moral human beings. They think they are owed tax payers money because they haven't not only the morals but the brains to be able to be self sufficient humans. Animals are better that is why it was so upsetting that President Trump called the SOB's. That is a huge insult to mother dogs who without any doubts are better mothers and raise their young better.

Anonymous said...

Exactly.....and they ARE so Ungrateful Obviously !!!
Yet they and their Warped minds think they are in the Right

Shows me that this country Has been Ruined and Maybe the
World is ending soon as we know it .......

It is NOT Trump that is the problem IS the Many
Bad people in America who think they can just do anything
they Please...... and the Blacks are the worst !!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who remembers that this whole "protest" was ginned up by the false narrative of HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT? NFL - fry them like bacon!