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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Farewell to the National Football League

For my health, sanity and productivity, I quit watching the NFL regularly on television about the time Clint Longley single-handedly beat the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Day, 1974. I tuned in periodically in the early '80s, but gave it up entirely by the end of the decade -- in part because I was then living abroad. When I returned to the States nearly a decade later, I found I no longer cared, and eventually even gave up on the Super Bowl.

There was never the slightest chance I would go back, but even if I wanted to, I couldn't, as I cut the cable long ago and learned I can live quite happily and more cheaply without it -- no sports, no CNN, no Fox News. But even if I hook up the old satellite dish again here in my rural New England community, I still wouldn't watch pro football now that the NFL and some of its players have injected racial politics into a sport that, more than any other, pioneered on-field integration and got white America cheering for black athletes.



Anonymous said...

I ditched the Ravens after they took OCare promotion money from Martin OweMalley!

Bob Aswell....Not Fooled said...

It seems to me the NFL has committed suicide among the people who pay their salaries. When you have a cause the workplace ISN'T the place to confirm or display ones conviction on any topic. The part I DON'T understand is this Kaepernick clown is the standard the league is rallied around. If I'm going to take a chance on my livelihoods success or failure, it ISN'T going to be predicated on the summary of some knuckle dragger like him. I think I would be better served by an educated and articulate figure who does have the ability to PASS a High-School Mathematics Exam. Most of the players I've seen in the NFL and other organizations that are for profit DON'T have the education to spell cat. They're pushed through High-School and College to bolster these teams until some pro scout finds them and entices them with money.
All of a sudden they're turned from a former juvenile delinquent and become a counter culture demigod who now takes on the status of some type of a hero to the middle class. Speaking of class, I see their disdain for the President again is ignorance of class. Trump is a successful business magnate who's net worth is Thirteen Billion and attained the office of President...The highest Chief executive in the Free World. If they knew ANYTHING it would be that it is his prerogative and duty to defend the Flag, Our Faith, and the National Anthem from ALL DETRACTORS. I share his views that ANY person who would NOT revere the Flag and the Anthem is TRULY a Son-0f-A-Bitch of the lowest caliber and I'd tell them so.
Grandma used to tell me and my brother,'You can't make chicken salad from chicken S&*(t' and I totally agree with her. Bob Aswell....Not Fooled

Anonymous said...

Nothing but white faces in the stands, and black faces on the field. Whose opinions really count anyway? If the ones that voted for Trump all follow his instruction to Boycott the NFL, THAT will put them out of business.

Anonymous said...

See Ya !! Farewell Now we make a team with more White
Players who like the Flag !!!!