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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ocean City Detectives Charge Individuals with Three Vehicle Thefts

OCEAN CITY, MD – (September 25, 2017): Between the dates of August 16 and 18, 2017, officers received reports of three stolen automobiles. In each case, there were no signs of forced entry and it is believed that the owners left the keys inside the vehicles. Each of the three vehicles were located in a remote location on Mosley Road near Bowers Beach, Delaware.

With assistance from the Delaware State Police, detectives of the Ocean City Police Department Criminal Investigation Division developed suspect information and were able to confirm through their investigation that the suspects were in Ocean City during the time of the thefts. The suspects were identified as Tammy S. Gould, 40, of Dover, DE, Curtis L. Brown, 27, of Felton, DE, and two juvenile 15-year-old males. Detectives charged Gould and Brown with multiple theft and theft scheme charges on September 11 and warrants were issued for their arrests. They both turned themselves in to police at the Ocean City Public Safety Building on September 19.

Gould has been charged with theft scheme $10,000 to under $100,000, two counts of theft $10,000 to under $100,000, theft $1,000 to under $10,000, three counts of motor vehicle theft, and two counts of encouraging a child to commit a crime. Brown has been charged with theft scheme $10,000 to under $100,000, two counts of theft $10,000 to under $100,000, theft $1,000 to under $10,000, and three counts of motor vehicle theft. Detectives referred the two juvenile males to the Department of Juvenile Services for review. Gould and Brown were seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and both were issued a $10,000 bond. Gould was released after posting bond. Brown was transferred to the Worcester County Jail.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to feel sympathy.

Anonymous said...

They must have been looking for cars to steal every night. Heck of a coincidence that the cars were stolen when the keys were left in them.