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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NBC 'Sunday Night Football' ratings lowest for Week 3 since 2006

Sunday night's nationally televised game between the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders on NBC was the lowest-rated Week 3 game since 2006, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Overall, the Redskins 27-10 victory was down 9 percent compared to last week's matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons, and 11 percent when compared to last year's Week 3 Sunday night game on NBC.

The afternoon games also didn't fare well, with Fox's national game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles down 16 percent from the featured game in Week 3 last season on the network.



Anonymous said...

I stopped watching pro sports years ago. No one these people are men I want my children to look up too (rapists, wife abusers, murderers).

Men, it is time to stand up to the toxic culture and turn this crap off. Go outside with your son or daughter and toss a football. Go to a park and run around. Heck, go see a Salisbury University football game- I guarantee your children will value the memories you create so much more that watching mom and dad sit like idiotic lumps on a couch on Sundays.

Cancel cable. Learn a skill. Learn a hobby you and your kids can share. Or, just sit like idiots on the couch passively watching other people move a ball around. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

Last year, the NFL, ESPN, CBS, etc. all blamed the decline in ratings on the election. Seriously. Stop laughing. Like the NFL TV fans really gave a rats ass about Don and Lying Hillary.
Now that the election is over....????
Why have people stopped watching??? hmmmm??? Maybe people are busy reading Hillary's new book.

Anonymous said...

I'm I the only one to notice all the news coverage about NFLgate is focused on what the players have done. Not one single news/sports caster has asked the question.....what do the fans think. I think the Neilson Ratings just spoke volumes. "Nuff said"....

Anonymous said...

3:17 I've noticed it, too. But I realize that the liberal narrative gets sidelined if they tell the truth. If a reporter dares to tell the real story, his/her career gets derailed.
I was watching ESPN at lunch. Every time they showed the kneeling in last nights game, they silenced the crowd. Why?? Because the booing was deafening and that would change the narrative for them. Even one of the anchors today was blaming the fans for being so angry. THE FANS!! Really??? So, now it's the fan's fault.
They can't see the forest for the trees.
Come on, one of their own anchors called Trump a white supremacist and didn't get fired, for God's sake. And where is ESPN headquartered??? It ain't in's in Bristol, Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Each and every kneeling player has had the active concurrence of their team's owner and of the NFL. This nonsense should have been ended the day following Colon's first 'protest'; it wasn't and where are we today?

If the teams had publicly traded stock the owners would have lost billions. They still will, but their high dollar sponsors will be taking the first cold shower. I've slammed on the brakes on anything I can identify as putting a dime in the NFL's pocket. Confident I'm not alone in that resolution.