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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Maxine Waters: “Impeachment Is About Whatever The Congress Says It Is…”

Aunt Maxine has gone and completely lost what’s left of her mind, y’all.

She doesn’t want another person to come up to her and say, “You go, girl.” Because YOU GO, y’all. You just go. And just so you know, impeachment is about WHATEVER THE POWERS THAT BE says that it’s about.

If that means that they want to use Facebook to bring Trump down, then she and her band of minions are going to do that. Why not? They’re in charge. And for crying out loud, it’s not like hardworking American taxpayers pay this lunatic to do Actual Freaking Work.


Anonymous said...

Maxine and other libtard snowflakes if you want a civil race war then DO IT.

Anonymous said...

Maxine your going to be punished by God.

Anonymous said...

She's as dumb as she is ugly.

Anonymous said...

Mad Max, what a joke, she is.