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Monday, August 01, 2016

D.C. Shootings: Highest Homicide Rate In Years

Seven people were shot and two died in six different shootings in Washinton, D.C., in one of the most violent nights in recent memory.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the Metropolitan Police Department responded to reports of gunfire in northwest D.C. near Park View. Authorities found a man with multiple gunshot wounds and later pronounced him dead, reports WUSA9.

Authorities closed parts of Suitland Parkway near Howard Road at roughly 2:35 a.m. after a shooting left two men wounded. The condition of the



Anonymous said...

Yet, they want statehood...they got the hood part right!

Anonymous said...

DC has very strict laws on guns, private legal ownership is extremely regulated. Guess gun laws don't make a city safer after all.

Anonymous said...

Hand guns used to be illegal, in the district, until the Supreme Court reversed that, now this is what we get.

I'll Bring The Common Sense said...

948 the goons in DC have nothing to do with SCOTUS reversing the illegality of hand guns. Criminals ALWAYS get guns whether or not they're legal. Get a grip and for God's sake, get some common sense.

Anonymous said...

9:48 I'm sure the people doing the shooting are real scared of gun laws.

Anonymous said...


You're clueless. DC forbid guns before the Supreme Court ruling. Now it's merely a major bureaucratic obstacle course to get a permit to have one in your house. Not to carry, just in the house.

As noted, and as common knowledge, criminals will get guns illegally. Why? They don't want to be on record as owners.