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Monday, August 01, 2016

Trump Beats Clinton in Convention Speech Viewership

Two million more viewers tuned in to watch Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland than watched Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Trump’s address had 30 million viewers while Clinton’s had 28 million viewers, The Hill reported.

The Hill noted that these totals include only the top six cable networks and do not include viewer totals from C-SPAN and PBS, which are disproportionately watched by Democrats.

The Democrats had better overall viewership throughout the conventions than the Republicans, but Trump was a bigger draw at the end of the conventions.

Trump’s speech was by some accounts the longest acceptance speech in modern convention history, clocking in at about an hour and fifteen minutes.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it will be the same at the ballot-box as well...or we're all doomed!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising. She's nothing but a liar. Who wants to sit through BS for an hour. Even her own husband and VP candidate fell asleep. She's about as interesting as watching paint dry. Such a shitty candidate. The worst we've had in many decades. She makes Dukakis look interesting! Such a sham. 912, we're not doomed! VOTE TRUMP!

Anyone voting for Clinton is supporting a corrupt criminal who will sell America off for parts to enrich her own coffers.