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Monday, August 01, 2016

WikiLeaks Poll: 117,000 Votes, Trump Wins with 50%

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won a WikiLeaks presidential poll with 50% of the overall vote, beating Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton by 28%.

The poll, which WikiLeaks ran on their Twitter account for 24 hours yesterday, received over 117,000 votes in total and showed Trump as the clear winner.

While Trump scored 50% of the overall vote, Clinton won just 22%. Green Party candidate Jill Stein followed Clinton with 16% of the vote, and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson came last with 12%.



Thornton Crowe said...

Clinton got 22% that's more like REAL LIFE than all the BS pimped by the MSM. People really have to see the ORIGIN of a poll base to see the truth. Wikileaks was completely RANDOM - not a select group of people called over and over again. You also have to watch out for the Media because after the Wikileak exposure, we've all seen where they are colluding with DNC and Clinton Campaign to 'prop' up her campaign. It's all spoon fed garbage.

Anonymous said...

What's scary is the media is having Clinton win by a landslide. They are trying to spin it any way they can in her favor. I am really concerned for this country and it's citizens. The media and the government cannot be trusted anymore with telling us the truth.

Get Educated said...

1044 That's why we can no longer trust the MSM to tell the truth to people. They're paid shills with no morals whatsoever. They're like the Third Reich's propaganda machine during the 30s in Nazi Germany. People really need to wake up!

Anonymous said...

MSM would do and say anything to help Hillary,got to remember all the elitists gravy train at stake!

Anonymous said...

I agree