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Monday, August 01, 2016

'Black Lives Matter' movement arrives in Israel

A delegation from the radical “Black Lives Matter” movement arrived in Israel last week to promote what the group called “the fight for dignity, justice and freedom”.

During the trip to Israel, the BLM delegation participated in a raucous anti-Israel protest in the Samarian village of Bilin, near Modi’in Illit. Two Arab protesters were taken into custody during the event, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an reported.

The BLM delegation in Israel highlighted the movement’s international goals, expressing its opposition to what it described as the “genocide” of Palestinian Arabs at the hands of “Zionist vigilantes”, as well as capitalism, and the “occupation” of Palestine.



Anonymous said...

After reading the article I'm still not sure I understand. Are they claiming the Palestinians are black? A few years ago there were some Ethiopian Jews who were treated kind of shabbily by the Israelis does BLM care about them? Does BLM plan to expand to Arab countries where many blacks are still enslaved?

Actually I do understand...the accusations of BLM being a Marxist organization comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

BLM is another Soro's group.

Anonymous said...

Who is paying these thugs ,Israel send them to ISIS.

Anonymous said...

BLM is a race baiting group at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Soros is their sponsor.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect Israel to cut them much slack.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli government and intelligence agency (Mossad) helped create both the Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter.

This is classic double speak on the part of the elites.