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Friday, July 08, 2016

James Comey Says Clinton's Server Put US Secrets At Risk

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state put the U.S. government’s secrets at risk, FBI director James Comey acknowledged during a House hearing Thursday.

“Did this activity you investigated make America’s secrets vulnerable to hostile elements?” Texas Rep. Will Hurd, a former CIA officer, asked Comey during a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing.

“Yes,” Comey responded.

Comey was quizzed by lawmakers about his decision not to recommend that charges be filed against Clinton for mishandling classified information for using a private server. He defended that decision, which Attorney General Loretta Lynch formally accepted on Wednesday, saying that there was no evidence that Clinton or her aides intended to break the law by mishandling classified information.



Thornton Crowe said...

What's the problem? It only endangers everyone's lives here and compromises our assets all over the world. Compromises new projects and defense systems against terrorists. Why should we be concerned?

Just Curious Because I Can Be said...

It's alarming that no one on this site gives a hoot that this woman has put them, their families, their KIDS in danger. Mortal danger. This is no joke, people. Clinton is a very dangerous politician and now a very blackmailable one as well. Is this what you want running the country?