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Friday, July 08, 2016

Despite Gun Control Rhetoric, Obama Arms Federal Civilian Agencies More Than Ever

$4.7 million in high-powered weapons, ammunition and military gear during the last decade.

The U.S. Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service doesn’t seem like a Wild West sort of federal agency since its biologists mostly check on the human health impact of animal and plant species.

But it reported buying $4.7 million in high-powered weapons, ammunition and military gear during the last decade, including shotguns, night vision goggles, and propane cannons, according to federal purchasing records reviewed by the nonpartisan government spending watchdog

About $1.7 million of that spending occurred in 2014 alone.



Anonymous said...

My message to BLM, you don't like and want to kill the police. Then the next time you need to call 911 call the hood. Then see where that gets you. Come on people of all races wake up. (map)

Anonymous said...

You know what concerns me? If you know history, when I refer to the night of Long Knives. It brings chills to my back. The ATF along with other alphabet soup government agencies. Dont doubt that they know when, where, and who to hit first make no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Real Revolutions are always violent.
There is no such thing as a peaceful revolution.
It is a contradiction of terms.

lmclain said...

They are egtting better be doing the same.

Anonymous said...

He knows what is coming, thanks to him and his cronnies.