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Friday, July 08, 2016

It's Time to Stop Saying – "But Cops Have A Dangerous Job"

Earlier today, I mentioned that I couldn’t muster the energy to write more words about the police murder of Philando Castile.Things have changed.
As is often the case, it was a series of tweets I composed that provided the inspiration for this piece. One tweet in particular really set things off:
Stop saying, "cops have a dangerous job." That's what they signed up for. "Protect and serve." The public, not themselves.

I wasn’t expecting the enormous reaction this tweet generated, but I was happy to see that it really connected with so many people who had never heard of me and never read my stuff before. I continued with my tweet storm until most of my angst was out, and then realized I needed to put these thoughts into a post. So let’s start with the title of this post.
One of the tiresome things I often hear immediately after one of these inhumane police executions is that “cops have a dangerous job.” So what’s your point?

I grew up with the understanding that the role of a police officer was to “Protect and Serve,” a motto which has been used by the Los Angeles police department since 1955, and has since been adopted by police across the country. So let’s think about what that means: Protect and Serve. The first word implies courage and the second implies sacrifice. As such, we should expect police officers to first and foremost see themselves as selfless guardians of public safety. Ask yourself, do you see cops this way? I don’t.


Anonymous said...

Most are good so go and craw back in your hole!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are not good when they steal from citizens for the Government and they ALL do that.
Face it, their training has turned them into paranoid comply or die sycophants and bullies.
As soon as they stop with the victimless crime prosecution for money, I may change my mind. Not until.

Anonymous said...

1141 your a convicted criminal and will not take blame for your own actions. Your the problem so fix it stop crying.

Anonymous said...

It's not about race folks! FBI statistics show whites are killed more than blacks by police! The problem is scared ass cops! They're trained to wait till they visually identify a lethal weapon before firing their weapons! That's the one main reason they have supposedly dangerous jobs! Waiting that split second is what separates a real cop able to do his job and a coward! Most of these cops were in the military! They made it home and dont wanna die after surviving war. I get that. Then dont be a cop! The Democratically stacked US Supreme Court has deemed an officer is allowed to use lethal force now when in fear of his life or someone else's! This excuse can never be proven! How can you prove a cop wasn't in fear? Very hard! This must stop! Police were once not to fire until a weapon is seen! Still train this way! Suicide by cop to false allegations can lead a cop to an unarmed person who may or may not be armed . These should not be death sentences because a cop is scared to do his job and risk his life for that split second to actually see a weapon! The ambush in Dallas is unacceptable! The two recent murders , and i say this only because of the evidence available at the moment, by police is unacceptable! Police need to work in these issues of coward cops and the black community surely dosent need to start retaliating against police! I'm a firm believer of standing your ground against police when being falsely arrested or imprisoned or rights violated. We can do so legally and even to the death. But that's only when it's happening in the moment! It's why we have a second amendment and bill of rights. Refer to Thomas Jefferson quotes on tyrant government and its agencies. But to randomly kill a cop father son etc for no immediate threat to you is wrong! If both sides aren't able to correct the issues going on then civil war is imminent. Sooner or later the shot heard around the world will be fired again! History always repeats itself. Officers.... what has history taught us? The American people will fight and win ! The end result is education and accountability or war and peace!

Anonymous said...

why are so many of you so opposed to change? Change for the better I might add. We all have seen the results of current policies and they can be no denying they do not work. Labeling others as 'convicted criminals' or whatever the current pc term is without even knowing if it is true or not? And even if true, so what? I have yet to meet a single person who has not made mistakes in their life. That is just an excuse to continually harass someone and keep them in the system as a go-to when you need a fall guy.

The worse criminals I know wear a suit and tie, have no record and are 'pillars of society'. But they have money and power so the police rarely touch them, except for a 'donation'.

If you don't want to protect and serve the community, if you're not willing to help the ones in the community, take off the uniform and we will find someone who will.

Most cops are good decent people who do want to help and make a difference. But there is also that 1% that do not deserve to wear that uniform and make the jobs of good cops that much harder. Their actions and attitudes cost the lives of good men and women who take their job seriously and don't need to push people around to feel good about themselves.

There is no more a noble profession as one that someone will lay down their life for a stranger. Those are the police officers who I admire and respect. Not the cocky John Wayne's I see so often spewing their garbage online.

Anonymous said...

If you feel that way then call them when you need help. (map)

Anonymous said...

Don't blame everyone else because you didn't qualify to apply for the job.
Where and when did you fail the bar examine?
If having the breath taken out of you by a choke hold do you give in because there is no evidence of blue steel in sight?

Anonymous said...

They work for an evil government