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Friday, July 08, 2016

Pennsylvania Judge Falls During Sobriety Test

A Pennsylvania judge faces a DUI charge after she allegedly got so drunk she fell over during a sobriety test.

An off-duty trooper saw Allegheny County Judge Christine Ward driving suspiciously and decided to pull her over Sunday, WTAE reports. Another trooper arrived, and when Ward underwent a sobriety test, she fell over. She even had to have her rights read to her three times.

“As a result, I stopped the tests for fear anything further would be a danger to her safety,” Trooper Daniel Beatty wrote in the Wednesday affidavit.

According to the complaint, when a trooper asked Ward if she had a drink she said, “I did – too much.” She makes over $175,000 a year and reportedly will not be reassigned since she judges civil suits instead of criminal cases, TribLive reports.



Anonymous said...

Remember, laws are for poor people.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming she did not HURT ANYONE?

I'm also assuming she did not DAMAGE ANY PROPERTY?

If so, there is no crime at all under Common Law as established in the US Constitution. She got lucky.

Except now she will be prosecuted under military tribunal statutory laws. Poor judge. Now you know how the rest of us feel.

Anonymous said...

Judge's are people too, however held to a much higher standard. All the good she probably did, washed away. Thankfully she didn't hurt anyone!

Now the real question - ANY VIDEO?????