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Friday, July 08, 2016

Obama Administration Illegally Funds Obamacare

According to a report released today by House Republicans, the Obama administration has unlawfully spent billions in taxpayer dollars to fund an Affordable Care Act program without the prior prerequisite approval from Congress.

The report is the result of an extensive investigation into Affordable Care Act spending. It reveals that the Obama administration allocated over $7 billion to a cost-sharing reduction program (CSR) without Congressional authority.

“This is stealing from the American people – plain and simple. To date, the Administration has unlawfully spent $7 billion of taxpayer funding on the CSR program,” said Republican Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

In the absence of congressional authority, the report attempts to prove that the administration violated the Constitution. “The power of the purse lies with Congress… This action is a clear constitutional violation of the most fundamental tenet of appropriations law.”



Anonymous said...

Quit talking about his corruption and violations, and impeach the Muslim bastard!

Anonymous said...

Is this impeachable or what? What more does Obama have to do to get impeached? I guess Comey would ask if he truly intended on embezzling and misappropriating funds or not. Right?

Anonymous said...

the DNC has now turned into nothing more than a crime syndicate