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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Obama Immigration Executive Actions

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a multi-state lawsuit challenging the Obama administration’s executive action to shield 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation.

The justices agreed Tuesday to hear the case from 26 states in April and deliver a decision in June.

Obama’s uses of executive actions have long raised constitutional questions, and the immigration actions were potentially a key aspect of his legacy. The court ruling will be a key test of how far the president can go without congressional approval.



Steve said...

Well, with so many of them in debt to Obama for their appointments... it's not hard to tell what the decisions will be...

Thornton Crowe said...

They also plan to review his use of executive orders. This is not good for Obama. It may be the time that the reigns are pulled in due to his abuse.

Only Two out of Nine have been appointed by Obama.

Anonymous said...

The supreme court has been compromised just like everything else the criminal in chief has touched. It's way too late anyhow. Even if they were to do the right thing, it's kinda like locking down the henhouse after the wolves have already raided it.

Thornton Crowe said...

9:09PM Ye have little faith. Anything is possible. The key is accountability.

The Supreme Court consists on the following:

John Roberts (Chief Justice) George W. Bush
Antonin Scalia - Ronald Reagan
Anthony Kennedy - Ronald Reagan
Clarence Thomas - George H.W. Bush
Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Bill Clinton
Stephen Breyer - Bill Clinton
Samuel Alito - George W. Bush
Sonia Sotomayor - Barrack Obama
Elena Kagan - Barrack Obama

Anonymous said...

Yes Thorton-the key is accountability. Therein lies the problem-there is none for the kenyan who destroyed America because the so called republicans in Congress are in on the scam.

Thornton Crowe said...

Perhaps if we rip away the political correct rhetoric placating and permeating our society, will we have a chance of having decent governance.

Anonymous said...

This is what checks and balances are about, and a gokd thing since Congress doesn't seem to have the collective will to do anything but fund raise, talk big, and do the bidding of their lobbyist buddies.

Anonymous said...

Wow big talker.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm notice how it took the Last year of Obama's presidency for them to hear Obama issues now they will hopefully strike him down but should have done it 6 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

If Obama loses this one, then his executive actions are dangerously close to impeachable offenses.