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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

‘German Girls Are Just There For Sex’

GERMANY was rocked by yet more migrant sex attack allegations today after it emerged one refugee told his victim she was “just there for sex” as he groped her while another group STONED two women in the street.

Horrific details of another bout of sex attacks allegedly carried out by recently arrived refugees provoked more fury across the country as calls to clamp down on mass migration continued to grow.

Police reports from the city of Dortmund claimed that a recently arrived refugee told one young woman that German girls are “just there for sex” after he approached her in the street and offered her money to sleep with him.

They also described a shocking incident in which three migrant men seemingly tried to impose Sharia Law on the streets of Germany, attempting to stone two women in public.

The disturbing reports are just the latest in an avalanche of revelations about refugee sex crimes to emerge since the sickening attacks in Cologne, when 1,000 migrant men went on the rampage raping and robbing women out celebrating New Year’s Eve.

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Anonymous said...

They are like animals. No self control. Sick perverts.

Anonymous said...

The Germans wanted to let them in - now they know the fallacy of their thinking.....

Theirs is not a religion rather a political posture!
They are not peaceful people - some are violent and the others tolerate that violence....neither of which we want here!

Thornton Crowe said...

Stoned and sexually molested/assaults in the street? And this is what the pro-refugee citizens want in this country? Don't those people think we have enough issues with a gang population our police seem afraid to correct? Why would anyone want this in their country - religious or political or otherwise - is beyond comprehension. Guests in someone else's home should play by their rules or be ejected. When is Germany going to eject them?

Until Germany does some proactive action, I say, they got what they deserved and don't particularly want to hear their whining about it.

Anonymous said...

If the US is forced to take these muslim refugees it would be best to send them to the sanctuary cities;perfect match.

Anonymous said...

It's their culture, so say their supporters. But a culture that espouses the demeaning of people, male or female, young or old, is misbegotten and contemptible.