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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DELUSIONAL Michael Moore at Rally Claims Government Conspiring to Poison Minorities

When the mainstream media references the far-right, they often like to pretend that mistrust of government is indicative of a conspiracy-minded, paranoid delusion.

The truth is that those who actually trust the government- conservative or liberal- are the truly delusional. Though government in America has always operated with a fluctuating level of secrecy, it is purely undeniable that for decades, Americans have not been in firm control of our national destiny or administrative system.

It was true under George W. Bush and it is especially true under Barack Obama, a man no longer contented with even pretending to operate under the constraints of the Constitution.

However, while citing an adversarial relationship with government is perfectly rational in today’s times of oppression, one can still go too far with their paranoia.

Case-in-point: Michael Moore has claimed that the government is poisoning the water of black and poor people in America.

On Saturday, President Obama issued an emergency declaration for Flint, Michigan, to address water contamination in the area.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea, we need to implement this in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

FLint is a black liberal created 3rd world city. THEY created their own mess, they can get themselves out of it.

Anonymous said...

"White fatigue."

Like "White flight," white fatigue describes a reaction of White people to black crime and violence. It's also a response to institutional racial policies that intentionally punish White people.

White people are tired of being labeled 'racist.' They are weary of hateful black-on-White violence going unchecked. White people are tired of watching entire cities, such as Detroit, collapse when the White infrastructure is removed only to have blight blamed on external causes.

They are weary of Somali immigrants gravitating towards violent crime. They are fed up with historical revisionism that ignores overt black complicity to slavery. They are tired of being lied to and tired of pretending the lies are true.

White people are tired of the TSA monitoring harmless little old white ladies at airport terminals while the real terror is plaguing our neighborhoods. It's actually safer to get on an airliner than to enter a convenience store in many cities. Yet law enforcement is concentrated at the airport.

White people are tired of EBT cards and black farmers claiming huge settlements from White taxpayers. They are tired of historical symbols, such as the Confederate flag, being demonized. They are weary of a racist Attorney General who is looking out for 'my people' rather than upholding the Constitution. They are increasingly tired of Barack Obama.

White people are fatigued by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party. They are tired of the media giving them a pass. They are tired of obnoxious black patrons who refuse to tip, then hurl claims of racism when service is substandard. They are weary of being told that diversity is a strength.

There is a weariness among White people of being passed over for jobs, promotions and education to satisfy Affirmative Action. They are tired of entrance exams being dumbed down to accommodate those who could not compete. They are frustrated by the self-censoring media that often refuses to provide racial profiling of even the most violent of criminals. They are tired of their kids being subjected to physical and sexual abuse on school buses and in schools while society turns a politically-correct blind eye.

White people are suffocated by historical revisionism being served in cinema via Red Tails, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Help and a host of other Hollywood productions. They are tired of being saddled with White guilt, White privilege and White racism. They are tired of their monumental contributions to civilization being overlooked and their culture being overrun.

They grow fatigued when White people, like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson, are subjected to a flurry of black fists only to be called 'racist' for having the audacity to defend themselves.

The list can (and does) go on.

Call it what you will, black fatigue or White fatigue. Either way it describes an awakening of White Americans to the menace of black crime and to the silliness of pretending it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...


Every single word.

Anonymous said...

I agree. They chose their leaders. They chose to live there and they can live with their decisions. If blacks want liberals they can live with the consequences. Remember what Obama said, elections have consequences.