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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Update 11:50 A.M.: What We Know About Latest Bomb Threat In Worcester County; Decatur Cleared After Search

OCEAN CITY – As bomb threats at local schools continue into a second week, some parents are not only becoming frustrated by the public nuisance created by these threats, but others are pulling their kids from school altogether.

“I will not be sending my kids to school today and I’m unsure about the rest of the week,” said concerned parent Jennifer Howard, “I am truly grateful to the teachers, but I am having a difficult time with the board’s decision to make it business as usual. I do believe most of these threats are most likely unfounded. But, what if they’re not? What are they doing about it? I would just like to hear something is being done. I’ve heard nothing, at least, nothing that has satisfied me.”

On Tuesday morning, Stephen Decatur High School received its second automated or robocall bomb threat in less than a week, and students and teachers were evacuated and the school was searched by authorities. Witnesses reported long lines of parents waiting to remove their kids from the nearby evacuation site altogether within minutes of the threat. As of 11:30 a.m., the school has been cleared. Normal operations have resumed at the school, according to Worcester County Public Schools.

In neighboring Wicomico County, Salisbury Middle School received a similar automated bomb threat and was evacuated on Tuesday morning, less than an hour after SDHS was cleared. Students returned to class after a sweep of the building shortly thereafter.



Anonymous said...

When these people are caught and I believe they are local their lives and the lives of their family members will be in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

These threats are happening in DE MD VA FL, all up and down the coast. There is no way it's someone local with the amount of sophistication it takes to not be caught yet.

Anonymous said...

Marshal law on its way be prepared this is clearly a sandy hook like hoax. Only thing missing is green fingernail polish for donations

Anonymous said...

When is the last time a bomb has been detonated in this area?

Anonymous said...

Just shows you lack of investigative experience there is in the sheriff's dept. Hot dog cooker and his lackey who couldn't solve a 10 piece puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Great work FBI msg.

Anonymous said...

Has P.G. county had any threats?