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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

IAEA Would Depend on Iran to Collect its Own Samples for Nuclear Residue Testing

'Even the NFL wouldn't go along with this'

International inspectors trying to determine whether Iran is conducting secret nuclear activities at its military sites will have to rely on material evidence provided by the Iranian government, according to a senator who attended a closed-door briefing with administration officials last week.

Sen. James Risch (R., Idaho) said at a Senate Foreign Relations hearing Thursday that Iran would be responsible for collecting its own samples from its military complex Parchin to turn over to international inspectors for nuclear residue testing.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and U.S. officials would not be allowed to independently collect the samples under the current agreement, Risch said.

Iran has been accused of carrying out nuclear detonations testing at Parchin, and the compound is at the center of an IAEA investigation into “possible military dimensions” of Iran’s nuclear program.

The hearing, which followed a classified briefing with administration officials earlier last week, was attended by Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

“Let me tell you the worst thing about Parchin,” Risch said at the hearing. “What you guys agreed to was, we can’t even take samples there. IAEA can’t take samples there. They’re going to be able to test by themselves. Even the NFL wouldn’t go along with this.”

When pressed by Sen. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.) about whether this was accurate, Kerry said it was part of “a classified component” of the agreement that he could not publicly discuss.

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Anonymous said...

Obama and Gore are idiots.

Congress, stop this.

Anonymous said...

This is so unbelievable. But everything this administration does is idiotic.

Steve's Leavin's said...

I hired a fox that lives nearby to guard my hen house. He said since he was an excellent predator that he was best suited for the job.

Hope he does okay...

Anonymous said...

I understand Kerry's daughter is married to an Iranian! Wonder how much difference that made in his negotiations.

lmclain said...

Israel better keep it's nukes and anti-missile defenses on full alert 24-7.
They know, just like obama and his fellow muslim collaborators, that they have been sold out.
I wouldn't even put it past this monkey pretender that he's given Iran secrets about Israel's defensive weaknesses.
Yeah. I said it.
Iran is LAUGHING at the USA.
I'll ask again and wait for an answer that makes sense ---- WHAT did this incompetent goof of a president and his Forrest Gump Secretary of State get for the USA??
Israel WILL get nuked. 100% guaranteed. The Iranians have already said that.
We better hope the senate shoots this preposterously stupid, one sided "agreement" down in flames.
Even the koran (that pedophilic guidebook of violence, revenge, and murder) says its perfectly fine to lie to infidels. Then kill them.
obama knows this, too, since he studied it for years, which might go a long way in explaining his actions.
You know what I'm sayin'.....

Anonymous said...

Kerry gave secrets to his son inlaw.