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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Navy turns seawater into fuel and nobody cares

Last month the Navy Research Lab powered a radio-controlled P-51 model using a “gas to liquid” process that takes seawater and turns it into fuel.

According to a jargon-rich NRL press release, the process goes something like this: An innovative and proprietary NRL electrolytic cation exchange module (E-CEM), both dissolved and bound CO2 are removed from seawater at 92 percent efficiency by re-equilibrating carbonate and bicarbonate to CO2 and simultaneously producing H2. The gases are then converted to liquid hydrocarbons by a metal catalyst in a reactor system.

In other words, seawater goes in the tank and the motor cranks up and the airplane flies.

“In close collaboration with the Office of Naval Research P38 Naval Reserve program, NRL has developed a game changing technology for extracting, simultaneously, CO2 and H2 from seawater,” said Dr. Heather Willauer, NRL research chemist. “This is the first time technology of this nature has been demonstrated with the potential for transition, from the laboratory, to full-scale commercial implementation.”



Anonymous said...

I know I don't count, but I care.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense with all the oil that has been dumped into it.

Anonymous said...

They probably kept it quiet because the process involves CO2 and could be banned by the EPA.

Anonymous said...

There goes sea life.

lmclain said...

LOL. Within a year, the research will be "lost" and everyone involved will die mysteriously.
You actually think Exxon, Mobil, and Chevron would not KILL to keep their oil revenues flowing?
Or that your "representative" (another LOL term) wouldn't put a TAX on any seawater you might come CLOSE to?? Imagine going to prison for taking 5 gallons of ocean water home without a permit, fee, or tax????
THOUSANDS of surveillance camera's all along the coast to make sure citizens don't get any ocean water they haven't paid for.....

Anonymous said...

Where is the flux capacitor in the system?

Anonymous said...

12:07PM is right. This will never go anywhere. As J.P.Morgan told Nikola Tesla, "I can't put a meter on it".