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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Starbucks Revokes Ban on Man Who Asked Patrons Not to Park in Disability-Reserved Spot

(ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.) — An art gallery owner in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Starbucks have resolved their differences after he was barred from all the coffee chain’s locations for causing a “disruption” when he’d ask customers at one Tampa store to stop illegally parking in a spot reserved for people with disabilities.

Rob Rowen said he’d stop by this particular Starbucks in Tampa almost daily. His go-to order was a decaf non-fat mocha with whipped cream.

“All the baristas know me,” Rowen, 62, told ABC News.

Rowen said the Starbucks has about 20 spots with just one accessible parking spot. And when he’d see customers illegally park in the spot reserved for people with disabilities, he’d confront them, and nicely ask them to move, he said.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone patronize Starbucks? Awful coffee at ridiculous prices.
WaWa has much better coffee

Anonymous said...

Starbucks sucks. I have never been and never will go. Ridiculous prices for 30 cent coffee.

Anonymous said...

653, He's not there to patronize Starbucks!

He's there to over pay for coffee with the main ingredient removed, flavored with "cream" with the main ingredient removed, and to take up one or two, depending on if knows how to park his own car, regular parking spaces just so he can harass other customers because, with not having a job to go to, has nothing else to do!

Frappe Chappe Mocha Joka Latte Flatte with a...

Anonymous said...

I would feel proud if I were banned from Starbucks. There is nothing special about their products. It's a great concept but their products are mediocre at best.