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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Most Americans Want Congress to Reject Iran deal: Poll

Most Americans, including 55 percent of independents, said Congress should reject the recently brokered deal on Iran’s nuclear program, a new poll said Tuesday morning.

Overall, 52 percent said Congress should reject the deal and 44 percent said it should be approved, according to results from the CNN/ORC poll.

Sixty-six percent of Republicans said the deal should be rejected, while 61 percent of Democrats said it should be approved. A CNN/ORC poll conducted in late June found that two-thirds of adults thought it was unlikely the negotiations would produce an agreement that would prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.



Anonymous said...

That's because not many of us trust Obama because he is a liar.

Anonymous said...

We need to give them a nuke, dropped by one of our planes and be done with them!

Anonymous said...

Well, if that's what the people want then it's a sure thing that Congress will go against them and approve it. I'll cite 'fast track' & TPP on that.