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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pa. water reported with deadly radiation at 60 times safe levels. Fracking waste cited. By Ray Wallace

High levels of radiation -- up to 60 times higher than the maximum allowed in drinking water -- have been reported in a stream feeding into the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of people in western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh.

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See the July 16, 2015 Pittsburgh, Pa. WTAE Action 4 News video posted here:

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"The Department of Environmental Protection says residents should not be worried, for now.... The DEP hopes to have results of its latest round of testing by September.”  ! ! ! !

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"It's highly suggestive that it may be due to drilling operations, or at least the waste water."

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“Radium does not go away quickly. The half-life for radium 226 is 1,600 years, meaning even then it will still be half as potent at it is today ... and can cause bone, liver and breast cancer."

Also see this July 16, 2015 Pittsburgh, Pa. WTAE Action 4 News site:

The below is from this current CREDO Mobolize site, which contains its own extensive video on Ten Mile Creek:

     "In 2014, the Izaak Walton League, a respected national conservation group, had been monitoring Ten Mile Creek in Greene County, PA. They found something in the creek that should not be there - radioactive levels of radium-226 and radium-228. 19 times higher than what federal drinking water standards allow, and 65 times higher upstream!

     "The the Izaak Walton League had to badger PA DEP to affirm its findings. The DEP finally did confirm what they found. The DEP would not release the information. The Izaack Walton League had to force the DEP to do so. Now, that the cat's out of the bag, the DEP has announced yet another investigation.

     "Long-term exposure to radium increases the risk of developing several diseases. Inhaled or ingested, radium increases the risk of developing such diseases as lymphoma, bone cancer, and diseases that affect the formation of blood, such as leukemia and aplastic anemia. These effects usually take years to develop. External exposure to radium's gamma radiation increases the risk of cancer to varying degrees in all tissues and organs.

     "In the meantime, the fracking goes on and the radioactive creek flows to our drinking water sources. Radioactive waste is not associated with coal mining - it is associated with fracking. This is an unacceptable risk to everyone's health, welfare and safety!

     "The mission of the PA DEP is to: '...protect Pennsylvania's air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment. We will work as partners with individuals, organizations, governments and businesses to prevent pollution and restore our natural resources.' ABIDE BY THE MISSION!


     "Blacklick Creek in Indiana County, PA." 
     See this October 2, 2013 Smithsonian Magazine site:

Also see "RADIOACTIVE Ten Mile Creek in Pennsylvania," the May 29, 2015 Izaak Walton League video posted here:

     "The right to pure water and clean air is guaranteed each citizen of the Commonwealth by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under Article 1 section 27."

     -- A quote from Ken W. Dufalla, who has been taking samples from Ten Mile Creek for years. He is President of the Harry Enstrom Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America Green County Chapter, 46 Middle St., Clarksville, Pa. 15322. Phone (724) 377-0901 

     "Dufalla suspects malfeasance. He thinks someone dumped fracking waste in the Clyde Mine....

     "Dufalla points out illegal dumping has occurred in this part of the state before. In 2012, a local business man pleaded guilty to illegally dumping fracking waste, into streams, ponds, and an abandoned mine.

     "And last year, a local sewer authority announced it was investigating possible dumping of frack water at its treatment plant."

     -- From “Mystery continues over radioactivity in Western Pa. stream,” by Reid Frazier, at this July 24, 2015 StateImpact site:

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A February 4, 2015 interview with Ken Dufalla is at this YouTube site:


Anonymous said...

so the tree huggers want us to believe either they were using nuclear reactors to frack, or they are pumping nuclear wastes into the ground. Or just maybe it's there all by itself already!

Anonymous said...

I told you so!
And they laughed and jeered as New York State banned fracking because of health concerns.

Anonymous said...

So Ray, is Perdue to blame for this also?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where all of my warts were coming from.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ray, once again you have provided us all with link after link guesswork, smoke and mirrors with absolutely not one iota of anything that backs up your claim! Test after test after the April results have not only failed to duplicate them, but come up with any levels above the safe levels except for the bromides that are NOT USED IN FRACKING but are found in road salt!

Don't you even follow your own links and listen to what they are saying?

Test results from late this very month proved safe levels! ROAD SALT POLLUTED MORE!

Cheeze, man! Get a grip.

HEY, LOOK! Martians just landed at Perdue!

Anonymous said...

5:33 AM

Idiot. It IS already down there.

Radon is the radioactive product of the decomposition of uranium, you know, the stuff they make atomic bombs from and use as fuel in nuclear power plants. It escapes from the ground as a radioactive gas where deposits are fairly shallow or have a natural or man-made route to the surface. Exposure to it causes any number of types of cancer, but most often lung cancer, and very often from exposure in homes built over contaminated soil. Deep disturbance of the rock that contains the substance releases it to ground water and the air. The particles release radioactivity for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Way to show your ignorance on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

how does fracking cause this. Idiots expect us to believe it?

Anonymous said...

We need to pipe this water into the Whitehouse and have Obama be drinking it, he deserves a really painful death for what he has done to our country.

Anonymous said...

How is it that the ONLY people that do not know that fracking is causing poison are elected officials??? I gotta bridge I want to sell ya.

Anonymous said...

Wow glad everyone is a scientist. 10:13 am did not even take the time to read the previous comments, probably saw 5:33 am and jumped on the illiterate bandwagon. Just because you have seen a nuclear power plant in person and read a couple of conspiracy theories does not make you an expert in nuclear physics. Radioactivity is natural occurrence first discovered in the late 1800's.

Anonymous said...

Something must be wrong. I live in Delmar and when my wife cooks an apple pie it glows in the dark.

Anonymous said...

More left wing lies, Fracking uses water and nothing else.