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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Anatomy of Hillary’s latest email lie

Exclusive: Dick Morris cites 2 motivations for Clinton's fib in response to IG referral

Hillary Clinton’s latest lie is her claim that the only reason for the flap over whether she emailed classified documents was her “desire to have transparency and make everything public.” Except for her insistence on disclosure, “we would not be having this conversation.”

Seriously? It’s hard to even use the words Hillary and transparency in the same sentence – because she’s anything but transparent; she’s secretive and paranoid. And she thinks she can outsmart us. That’s what started this problem in the first place.

Why did she lie? As always, Hillary’s lie has two motivations:

a. to kindle a debate that distracts from the basic question of whether or not she sent classified information on her private server; and

b. to try to show how she is the victim of her own good intentions and integrity.

Start with the first point. Hillary Clinton sent at least four emails that contained classified material over her private server in violation of federal law. This is the charge made by the two inspectors general for the State Department in their referral to the Justice Department and the FBI. But Hillary defiantly claims that she never sent any email containing classified information.



Anonymous said...

She is just another fraud and cheat. What a class of low-life.

Anonymous said...

And even though people know she's a liar, they will go to the polls and vote for her. American society has obviously become immoral and untrustworthy, just like many of the politicians who run this country from DC. It's time for real change!

Anonymous said...

6:36 PM I agree totally with you.