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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Watch For Sale

I have written an account of your scam on Face Book , hoping to deter any unsuspecting person from having the same experience I had. I am also sending a copy of this missive to SBY news in Salisbury , Md.

Two weeks ago, I saw a POP- UP page of gifts that were "Free" , if you paid the shipping.and available to anyone, just for filling out a short survey.

I chose a handsome watch , gave them my credit card number (big mistake).The shipping was $5.99.

About two weeks later , I received a watch , (no Rolex) but a free watch, none the less.

Thursday night. I checked my balance and was taken aback when I saw that $95.00 had been taken from my account , that day.

I didn't really sleep that well , however as soon as possible I got my bank on the , phone , The next am , co-incidentally the bank representative listen to my story and stated that she had the same experience recently. I had no recourse other than to call the company in CA.

After several hours of calls , and e mails , I reached a representative of Q watches
via phone.

Basically , he tells me , I could not get a rebate (even if I returned the watch , still new).

There seemed to be small print that stated , if they did not hear from me ,within 14 days , following the $5.99 shipping fee , they would send the watch, and deduct the cost of the watch from my account.

They further stated that unless I requested them to cease sending me gifts ,they would send me something every fourteen days and bill me accordingly.

After telling them that I lived on a small SS income only and that the $101.00 represented a large loss for me. There was no sympathy forthcoming. I ended the call and told them to perform an act on themselves which is physically impossible : However being from CA. they might be able to perform the act, I requested).

I am getting a new card , and never using it on line.

Don't fill out any is indeed ironic that when I signed on my computer , tonight , the exact offer was being broadcasted for all to hear, and see.

I have a watch for sale.


Anonymous said...

What was the name of the company with the pop-up ad and what web-site did it pop-up on?

Anonymous said...

People still fall for this? I thought we were past this, as a society?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what the name of the company and website was.

Here is some advice from an IT guy with a lot of experience.... Do not ever respond to any pop-up no matter how awesome it seems. Also stay away from random surveys or anything asking information from you.

One other big flag is that anything on the Web that has the word FREE in it is usually a scam.

Oh and one other thing...Anyone who calls your house and says you have a virus is trying to steel your credit/ bank information. There is not a single company out there that will ever call you to tell you that you have a virus. If you ever get one of these calls just hang up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for warning us about this scam. So sorry that this happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Another constant one I get in my email is: UPS package was not able to be delivered to you: just click on link below to get the delivery corrected. I also get that message from FedEx and USPS. Problem is I didn't order anything. I have found out if you click on the link you are in for a world of trouble with Malware and other problems. You need to always beware of clever scams these day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you guys are so worried about. I just won a cruise for 5, and am getting a money order for over $30,000,000 from Abu Nadghu in Kenya. I plan to do a lot of good with my money after my 14 day cruise to the Caribbean is over.

The whole thing only cost me $495 and that's just a small processing fee to wire the money into my account!