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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Skewed poll: NYT doesn't ask if people will pay to fight global warming -- they won't

It’s classic mainstream media spin, this time care of the New York Times on the hot button issue of global warming. Play up the emotional side of the issue, and avoid the hard question of paying.

In their climate change poll released Friday, the Times asked if Americans think it’s a serious enough issue to support government action. As with virtually every other poll, they find that, yes, the public does support action.

But it doesn’t ask the obvious follow-up question: Would you pay for that action?

We have proof that the public’s answer is “No.”



Anonymous said...

Are there still people that believe in global warming ?

Anonymous said...

As long as China continues to belch air pollution to the point where its billions of people cannot breath due to their smog, the U.S.'s efforts will be in vain. Not unlike Maryland's effort to clean up the Chesapeake Bay while Pennsylvania dumps into the Susquehanna River feeding it.

People have paid. In Maryland, they paid to clean up the Bay and the O'Malley/Brown administration raided that fund for other purposes.

Hogan seems to care about more than his personal political future and is trying to do the right thing to right this ship.

Anonymous said...

If global warming is real the entire world will have to come together on reversing it.That is logistically impossible.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Peace in the Park,

The Peace Alliance on the Shore


the Unitarian Fellowship on Old Ocean City road all believe in Global Warming 7:01 pm comment

Anonymous said...

The reason so many uneducated persons have trouble with the term "global warming" is because they do not understand that this will include colder weather as well. They hear the term and just do not understand if the planet is warming how can we be having colder winters. Please educate yourself and get the whole picture before dismissing the theory/fact of global warming.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as global warming or climate change caused by man. Just leftist liberal plan to redistribute wealth. They take our. taxpayer money and give it to third world countries. Nothing but a liberal Obama hoax.

Anonymous said...

What global warming? I'm freezing.