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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chipper Jones apologizes for 'Sandy Hook was a hoax!' tweet, gets slammed by principal’s daughter

On Friday, the former third baseman wrote the FBI had confirmed 'Sandy Hook was a hoax!' Jones immediately deleted the Twitter post and apologized in a later tweet, but Cristina Hassinger, the daughter of Sandy Hook victim Dawn Hochsprung, invited the former slugger to dinner to ‘meet my grandmother-less children and I'll show you my mom's clothes riddled with bullet holes.’


Retired Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones was tagged out on social media for firing off an insensitive, and completely misguided, tweet about the Sandy Hook massacre — a post he apologized for most of Saturday.

On Friday, the former third baseman wrote the FBI had confirmed “Sandy Hook was a hoax!”

“Where is the outrage,” he wrote. “What else are we being lied to about? ”

But there was no outrage — because what he was told wasn’t true. Jones immediately deleted the tweet, but it had already gone viral, according to Yahoo Sports.

He owned up to the grossly stupid mistake Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Women are so touchy.

Anonymous said...

And 10:08 you wouldn't be if you had a child murdered. Obviously your heartless. Your statement is ignorant to say the least. Obviously you don't have children. No child derserves this fate!

Anonymous said...

And she doesn't get out enough to know that the entire country has heard the same thing.Duh

Anonymous said...

It was NOT a stupid mistake. Given the lies that Ob' & all govt agencies are giving us, it could very possibly be the TRUTH. Just need to know WHO you can believe, IF anybody..

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:08 You are insane to make such a blanket statement.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say that the Sandy Hook incident didn't happen, but I do agree that there are plenty of coincidental reasons and evidence to also believe that it didn't happen.

This incident could be twisted two ways
1) The government feels that the general population is too sensitive to handle the reality of the situation so they hide as many details and facts about the event as possible in a very poor manner thus making the situation look rather shady, or;

2) The government is truly that powerful and manipulative that they can stage such an event to promote certain agendas or hide certain evidence - again, in an ever so poor manner.

Either way you look at it and which ever side you believe, there are facts that just simply don't add up. Let's face it, our government handles situations in an extremely poor manner so it would come as no surprise to me that this whole thing was staged despite the fact that I would hope that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Agree Annon 10:57 Calling all passengers, Departing Mars gate Galaxy to Venus

Anonymous said...

It was a hoax. Anyone who saw the cops standing around carelessly and kids walking pit instead of running. Lack of parents and tears. Not to mention no death certificates and many victims posing for pics months later. Anti gun coo period.

Anonymous said...

Same as 9/11 a hoax you say. It was totally untrue, and there is no France because my eyes have never seen it. There were no victims at Sandy Hook, my eyes never saw any so it must be a hoax. Only what I see is the absolute truth. There was no Hitler it was a hoax. Now I undersatnd what you are saying Annon 12:47. I must be dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Well said 12:56. They all must have been dreams. Just like the Holocaust and Man on the Moon. I never saw those historical events. Must not have happened.

There are several delusional people in this world, and they walk among us. It's frightening!

Anonymous said...

10:22 Yeah, a washed up retired ball player probably forwarded, or accidentally posted a fictional article to his twitter, then apologized for it. Then this "touchy woman" goes off on a rant. Yes, touchy. Her losing her child is no reason to post her vile over a stupid tweet by Jones, which he apologized for.

He didn't WRITE the article... if so, maybe she has a point. It was an attention seeking moment for her as he is known. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

1:23 What evidence did you see? I mean really?

It looked like a drill to me.