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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DPI updates Shore lawmakers on state of poultry industry

ANNAPOLIS — The local chicken industry did well in 2014, according to Bill Satterfield, Delmarva Poultry Industry executive director, who appeared in front of the Eastern Shore's General Assembly delegation Friday, Feb. 6 with DPI’s president, Kurt Fuchs.

“Probably the best year in a long time — maybe the best ever,” Satterfield said of 2014.

However, Satterfield said the poultry industry’s success last year was due to hardship that struck the pork and cattle industries.

He said a disease in the pork industry cut production, which helped raise prices. The cattle industry still is suffering from record-high feed grain prices from a few years ago, and cattle farmers couldn’t afford to feed their animals, he said.

“If you’ve been to a supermarket, you’ve seen high beef prices,” Satterfield said. “Chicken prices have been good. Consumers like chicken, and it’s been a very good year after several years of struggling.”


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Anonymous said...

When you grow your own, you don't notice prices, shortages, etc.