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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

States rise up against Washington

State legislators around the country have introduced more than 200 bills aiming to nullify regulations and laws coming out of Washington, D.C., as they look to rein in the federal government.

The legislative onslaught, which includes bills targeting federal restrictions on firearms, experimental treatments and hemp, reflects growing discord between the states and Washington, state officials say.

“You have a choice,” said Kentucky state Rep. Diane St. Onge (R). “To sit back and not do anything or say anything and let overregulation continue — or you have the alternative choice to speak up about it and say, ‘We know what you are doing or intend to do and we do not think that it is constitutional and we as a state are not going to stand for it.’ ”

Last month, St. Onge introduced H.B. 13 to nullify federal gun control laws within Kentucky state lines. Similar legislation has been introduced in seven other states.

“This law is saying the sheriff and those under him do not have to follow federal regulations,” she said.



Anonymous said...

Its the reason i wish to leave this state..MD is in lockstep with the socialist marxist agenda..a doomed state lost forever rather deal death to freedom then give it. Md spits on the constitution with every session those commies in annapolis a come here wanting outta here

Anonymous said...

You'd never know from watching main stream media the people have spoken and Republican Governors and elected reps are neutering Obama's policies.
Hogan has his work cut out for him.
Not only does he have to fend off the Communists (dems) in the legislature but he also has to overcome disloyal dept. heads and left extremist sympathizers in state government agencies.
The buzz in the club circles is many agencies have been directed to squeeze and withhold funds and place blame on the "new republican Governor". In other words, fake monetary shortfalls and begin a negative publicity campaign against the Gov. Hogan.
The Governor needs to weed through the entire state and begin to replace these treasonous democrats who will stab him in the back and find loyal like minded qualified persons in every state agency!

Anonymous said...

Never happen in Md. We shredded the constitution years ago.