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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Promise kept: Gov. Larry Hogan's bill would repeal rain tax

Gov. Larry Hogan made good on a campaign promise Tuesday to try to repeal the so-called rain tax.

The Republican governor's legislation would take away the state requirement that 10 jurisdictions impose a fee to pay for programs that curb storm water pollution.

Hogan's bill, which has 61 co-sponsors, to repeal the rain tax, is now in the hands of the General Assembly.

"Forcing counties to raise taxes against their will was a mistake and needs to be corrected," Hogan said.



Anonymous said...

a good step forward

Anonymous said...

Thank you Governor Hogan.

This bill was an embarrassment. The whole country was laughing at us. We were the national joke.

Now we are getting better.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you'd better believe that Mayor Jimmie won't repeal his rain tax..

Anonymous said...

The city couldn't afford it anyways.

Anonymous said...

Next stop; repeal all the gun control bull sh!!

Anonymous said...

12:02 you are right about that. I hope the county executive curbs Ireton's lust for raising taxes to cover this.
After all Ireton supposedly cut water bill so he could sock-it-to-us with rain tax. Same way he selectively raised property taxes on some residents others cut a reduction, or stayed the same. It would be great to know of those who saw increases, how many were democrats, and how many are republicans. I bet the later got the higher number! I also bet anyone he could trace comments on this Blog to, he increased taxes. That would be worth checking out.