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Monday, November 10, 2014

Riding the Wave

A beautiful red tsunami swept across America Tuesday night.

Liberal pollsters and liberal pundits on TV refused to see the Republican wave coming and still can’t believe it came.

But the S.S. Obama and its cargo of bad ideas sank like a rock, dragging Captain Harry Reid and a motley crew of hopeful Democrat office seekers with it to the bottom.

Republican candidates won from sea to shining sea. By January, the GOP could hold a 54-seat majority in the Senate.

The GOP also grew its majority in the House by at least 12 seats and kicked butt in most of the 36 governors’ races, pulling upsets in blue liberal places like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois.

Republican Party bosses deserve three cheers and full credit for their mid-term election strategy, their passion and their hard work. Their anti-Obama campaign worked well.

But I have some advice for the GOP as it makes plans to take control of Congress in 2015 and looks toward winning the presidential election of 2016 – when an anti-Obama strategy won’t work.


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