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Monday, November 10, 2014

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Giving Cannabis Cash Back to the Voters

Yesterday Governor Hickenlooper announced the upcoming Colorado state budget, which includes a $30.5 million rebate for Coloradotaxpayers, all due to new marijuana taxes. Did you hear that, Colorado? Not only do you get to use, possess, and buy recreational cannabis at your convenience, but now you’re getting paid back for it.

The total state marijuana revenue was actually higher than predicted in the election blue book for 2013’s Proposition AA, which means the state must refund the money or ask the voters again to keep it. Hickenlooper will be allowing Congress to smooth out the details of the actual rebate when the time comes.

So, let’s get this straight: not only is the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund going directly to taxpayers, but it’s actually higher than they expected? Awesome!

Another $33.6 million from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund will go towards enforcement and oversight of the marijuana industry, including required reserves, promoting public health and public safety, regulations, law enforcement, and the prevention of youth marijuana use.



Anonymous said...

How about figuring the dollar figure for not arresting, prosecuting, judging and incarcerating for what were marijuana crimes? We can bet that there was an additional savings of another $XX million.
And jobs were created and people taxed on their income from those jobs. And areas around dispensaries saw an increase in business in places like coffee shops and other retailers -- more tax revenue not directly from marijuana sales.
C'mon Maryland, get your head out of your backside and get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Giving money back to the taxpayers? Are they high? Wait, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Come on Governor elect, embrace legalization and make enough tax revenue to cancel the O Malley taxes.
No more nanny state!!