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Monday, November 10, 2014

GOP Questions NAACP for Not Acknowledging Tim Scott and Mia Love in Their Election Statement


Anonymous said...

That because they don't fit the mold for the National Association for the Advancement of Criminal Perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

This is not only discrimination in it's worst form but it's racist.

Anonymous said...

The naacp is the definition of racism.

It is also an admission of inferiority.

Anonymous said...

They don't acknowledge it because they don't want to admit that there are plenty of black republicans. It's really sad that they continue with the farce. I'm all for fighting against injustice, if they didn't blacks would still be running from the klan. However I never have and never will be for people not admitting their nonsense. There are too many opportunities in this world to sit and be a victim of your skin color. My parents were clear, fear no man, and always stand up for yourself. In addition I was brought up to value education, free enterprise and having a mind of my own. Somewhere along the line the NAACP has decided to stick to the uneducated masses and not pursue real issues.