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Monday, November 10, 2014

Free FLu Shots To Veterans And Their Spouses

Veterans Flu Clinic
Category  Clinic
Location  Avery W. Hall Educational Center Auditorium
Start Date  11/11/2014
End Date  11/11/2014
Start Time  2:00 pm
End Time  5:00 pm
Days of the Week  Tuesday
Description  In honor of Veterans Day and in appreciation for the service to our nation by the veterans of Delmarva, Peninsula Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer free flu shots to all veterans and their spouses. The free flu shots will be offered Tuesday, November 11, 2014, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the auditorium of the Avery W. Hall Educational Center located on the Peninsula Regional Medical Center campus on the corner of Waverly Drive and Vine Street in Salisbury. Free parking will also be available in Garage B. Peninsula Regional is honored to offer free flu shots to Veterans and their spouses as it is our duty to protect the health of those who protected our freedom. Military ID/DD214 is required, but appointments are not necessary. Please call 410-543-7766 for more information or directions.
Cost/Fee  Free
Contact Information  410-543-7766


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

Buyers beware

Anonymous said...

I am going to break this down using the CDC's own numbers. Tell me how this makes sense...

Between 5% - 25% of the population get the flu each year. 25% sounds really high to me, but that's what they guess. So that's 17,500,000 - 87,500,000 cases of the flu in the country.

The chance of getting the flu and having hospital-level complication is is about 1:1750

Only 3000 people are confirmed to die from the flu each year. That's about 1:116,000

The other 46000 flu deaths are just estimates. There's no proof...CDC adds them in because they think there must be more. But if you want to believe it, then the odds are 1:7140 or so.

For every 100 adults who get the vaccine, statistics show that it *may* prevent 1.5 cases of the flu.

Now let's work the numbers...

For every 116,667 people administered the vaccine, 1 person won't go to the hospital.

For every 476,000 - 773,333 doses, one death is prevented.

According to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, the average flu stay at the hospital costs $6900.

Retail price of a flu shot is $25 - $28. Since it takes 1750 cases of the flu to send somebody to a hospital, that means our health system is spending $2,916,675 to prevent a $6900 hospital stay.

Now I have to guess that clinics are reimbursed a whole lot less than this. Let's say it's the bargain price of $5, because then we can consider Docs are really crying poor inside their McMansion. That's $583,335 in costs to prevent one stay.

I won't even get into the fact they have never gotten the right kind of flu virus into a vaccine, or the complications present (that include death and might include autism), the dangerous chemicals you're putting right into your bloodstream, the sterilization research being done on people without the knowledge in other vaccine programs, or the screwed up compensation program that essentially makes vaccine manufacturers immune from any and all legal actions for putting out a bad product.

prmc employee said...

PRMC is nothing more than a conduit to take money from the local citizens and their insurers and deposit it in the pockets of the executives , board members, and physicians. Their quality scores are the lowest in the state but the execs and physicians are paid well above the state averages. It's a SCAM.