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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Viewer Writes: If only politicians could be required to know how to do simple math

If you blow up the picture you will see that the cost of this project is expected to be $4.183 million.

The "expected savings" are claimed to be $150,000 - $200,000 annually.

assuming the project comes in on budget (when has that happened?)
that the projected savings are as expected (when has that happened?)
it will take 21 - 28 YEARS for the project to pay for itself and start actually saving money.

The question of course immediately comes to mind: what is the life-span of a wind turbine?

Doesn't this just have boondoggle written all over it?


Anonymous said...

This administrations (Owebama and OweMalley) desire to force significantly more expensive green energy down our throats when there is enough fossil fuel in the US to last many life times is, treasonous. We should watch to see who gets contracts and then find out who's relatives or college pal's they are...

Anonymous said...

It's even worse than that.

If you took the $4 million and collected 5% interest, you could collect $200,000 a year and still have the $4 million forever.

People who think this project is a good idea are insane.

Anonymous said...

If you don`t think P.J.Purnell, Kim Lawson, and Mike Adkins have ALL the answers, just ASK them.
Yet, they are SO AFRAID of not being re-elected they are wiping the ballot any way they can. No one has ANY voice in Crisfield BUT THEM! If a bus was being loaded for HELL I`d wish they were ALL on it.

Anonymous said...

They were unable to do a deal with the Masseys so now are going to condemn the site. That will cost tons, just for Cockey's law fees, as well as the court award.