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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frontier Airlines Puts $25 Price on Overhead Bins

Regular fare now only includes oneself and whatever fits under seat

Flyers, the airlines have finally slapped a price tag on the overhead bin: that is if you’re one of the more than 8 million passengers who fly Frontier Airlines each year.

Frontier revealed a new fee structure Monday that will mean many flyers have to pay more for a number of perks and services, including up to $50 for placing a bag in the overhead bin. For economy-class tickets purchased on or after April 28, passengers who book online will have to pay either $20 (for frequent flyers) or $25 (for everyone else) to use that overhead bin, $35 if they buy during check-in at the airport (even if it’s at the self-service kiosk) and a whopping $50 if they wait to check-in after they get to the gate. (Already, flyers who booked on travel booking sites like Orbitz and Expedia had to pay for carry-on bags in the overhead bin.) Flyers will also need to pay between $15 and $75 for checked bags.

That fee joins a host of others that Frontier is unleashing, including: $3 for reserving a seat in advance if you do it while booking online and $8 if you check-in at the airport; $5 to $15 more to get a seat in the front half of the plane; and $15 to $50 for more legroom or the exit row (passengers on connecting flights must pay twice).



Anonymous said...

When will the credit card swipes be placed on the bathroom doors?

Anonymous said...

12:57 You just had to go there...if they read the blogs that will be next. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Flying is a last resort. Between the TSA, DHS and enough fees and add ons to choke a horse I not be flying anytime soon unless its an emergency.

Anonymous said...

This charge will defiantly speed up getting thru security. How you ask?, By charging for bags, there will no longer be hundreds of bags being scanned and searched thru because cheap A$$ holes don't want to pay for their suitcases being checked luggage. Now you pay anyway, period ! I hope all airlines start this.

Anonymous said...

3:55 Just remember when you are driving and paying tolls, tax on gasoline, hotels, food and possible tickets, that you could have been in FL in 3hours or CA in 6 hours. Not to mention spending all that quality time in the car with you.

Anonymous said...

Take a train

Anonymous said...

Frontier was once a great choice, that was ten years ago. Two flights out of Philly, BWI - 0, they now suck and should fo OFB. Nice planes, mostly nice flight attendants, but lousy customer service.